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Author: Winner   Time: 2020-06-26

Increasing output and green development has always been a problem for steel companies, and it is also a bottleneck that many steel companies cannot break through. Judging from the replacement of production capacity in the past few years, most of the changes have been made from old ones to new ones and from small ones to large ones. Compared with the current proportion of electric furnace capacity, capacity replacement has not significantly increased the proportion of short processes. However, short-flow phase steelmaking has lower cost for long-flow steelmaking and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Subject to the limited supply of scrap steel, high prices, and electricity prices, at this stage and even for a long period of time, the steel production pattern is still dominated by long processes. Judging from the current development trend, the reconciliation of long and short processes will constitute the steel development method with Chinese characteristics and become a more advanced process in the global steel industry.


scrap steel

Winner Group utilizes existing technology to develop a short-flow reconciliation and long-flow steelmaking scrap baking system. The system can be used for preheating scrap steel in front of converter furnace, refining furnace, preheating scrap steel in hot metal tank along railway, etc.

The system has the following advantages: continuous feeding, continuous preheating, continuous discharging, can achieve full continuous operation, as follows:
1. High thermal efficiency, good preheating effect, scrap temperature can reach above 800 ℃ (negative pressure combustion);
2. The temperature distribution in the system is even, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower layers is less than 50 ℃;
3. The feed rate of electromagnetic direct injection is ≥8 m / min, which can meet the fast-paced production requirements of the enterprise;
4. It adopts intelligent control module, which can control oxidation burning loss;
5. Compared with the traditional continuous preheating system, it has less investment and good effect;
6. It has low environmental load and can achieve green energy saving and environmental protection.


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