Optimal single product for waste treatment project-chain belt conveyor

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-06-19

As the waste treatment process becomes more mature, different treatment process production lines have emerged,such as stale waste, fresh waste, kitchen waste, and construction waste process line. Different waste treatment processes, different treatment volumes and material compositions have different requirements for transportation equipment. Traditional belt conveyors and heavy-duty chain conveyors cannot meet some specific requirements.So Winner has combined the advantages of the two and developed a new chain conveyor.

chain belt conveyor

Characteristics and advantages:
1. Wide range of application: It can be used as front-end feeding equipment and intermediate transfer equipment for obsolete garbage, kitchen waste, fresh domestic garbage, construction garbage;
2. Large conveying capacity: relying on the chain to transmit power, the chain has high traction strength, and the conveying capacity is larger than that of the traditional belt conveyor;
3. Good sealing: the conveyor belt is used as the material transfer carrier, compared with the chain plate machine, there will be no leakage of materials during operation;
4. Compared with the traditional belt conveyor,  it is not easy to let the material out and shorten commissioning cycle;
5. High operating efficiency, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.


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