Comprehensive utilization of scrap, Winner will help you

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-11-06

Scrap is an important raw material for the modern iron and steel industry, as well as a renewable resource for energy conservation and environmental protection. Research shows that for every ton of scrap steel used, it can reduce 4.3 tons of raw ore mining, reduce the consumption of 1 ton of raw coal and 1.7 tons of water, and reduce 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide.

electric furnace scrap preheating continuous charging

The Winner electric furnace scrap preheating continuous charging system has two major characteristics, namely preheating and continuous charging. Preheating is very important for energy saving. Compared with electric furnaces using traditional or other technologies, the electric furnace scrap preheating continuous charging system has high productivity, short smelting cycle, flexible and controllable, and low electricity cost.

After the scrap is installed on the conveyor with a crane, it is transported in a unique vibration mode, that is, it moves forward slowly and then quickly moves backward. In this way, the scrap can move forward with the conveyor, and when the conveyor moves backward, the scrap slides across its surface. The scrap enters the heating zone before entering the furnace and is heated by the retrograde electric furnace waste gas. The carbon monoxide in the waste gas is oxidized by the injected air in the heating zone, which allows the system to recover more energy. During continuous feeding, the electric furnace molten pool remains stable, and the scrap  entering the electric furnace is immersed in molten steel to melt. The arc acts on the molten pool instead of the scrap. The arc is stable under this condition and will not be affected by the solid charge.


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