A powerful domestic waste sorting machine—triple media sorting machine

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-06-12

With the rapid social and economic development, the rapid urbanization process and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, domestic waste generated during the process of urban renovation and demolition have also increased rapidly. Urban solid waste occupying land resources, the situation of polluting the environment and its impact on people's health are becoming more and more serious.

Waste disposal has become a relatively difficult problem for cities and villages to deal with. Especially the composition of domestic waste is complex and difficult to separate.

In order to solve the problem of waste sorting, WINNER GROUP has specially designed and developed this new equipment- triple media sorting machine. This machine can separate organic waste from other inert waste. After sorting, it has 3 products, flaky light materials such as plastic after screening, organic residue and 3D heavy materials.

The machine is suitable for primary sorting of recyclable waste paper, secondary sorting of domestic solid waste and commercial waste, sorting of raw materials for wastederived fuel products, primary sorting of stale waste and kitchen waste, and sorting of decoration waste. It has advantages of good sorting effect, enclosed structure, low noise, low energy consumption, low inclusion rate, easy maintenance, long service life. After being used on site by many customers, this equipment has proved to be an important screening equipment on the domestic waste treatment production line.


triple media sorting machine

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