Application of Ballistic Screen in Sorting Domestic Waste

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-07-03

With the rapid development of my country's social economy, the accelerating urbanization process and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the waste generated in the process of urban production and life has also increased rapidly. Domestic waste occupies the land, and the situation of polluting the environment and its impact on people's health are becoming more and more obvious. Waste disposal has become a very difficult problem in urban and rural areas.

The composition of domestic waste varies greatly (plastic bottles, paper scraps, plastic bags, peel residues, wood chips, kitchen residues, etc.) and is difficult to sort.


Ballistic Screen


Ballistic screen is a new product of Winner Group. It uses the difference in friction between the material and the sieve plate to achieve material sorting. This equipment is a special equipment for garbage sieve. It can effectively separate the organic matter of domestic garbage from other inert materials, and can be divided into light-weight materials such as plastic, organic slag skin and 3D heavy materials after being sieved by ballistic screen.

1. Equipment principle

The rotating sieve plate of the ballistic screen will sort the garbage onto or under the sieve according to the different appearance shapes and characteristics of the garbage.The ballistic screen is driven by the motor to move the sieve plates to cross and move upwards. The sheet material with large surface area moves upwards by friction and is discharged from the upper part of the equipment. 3D substances with small surface area and large specific gravity move downwards and are discharged from the lower end of the device. By adjusting the angle of the sieve tray, the sorting accuracy can be adjusted.

2. Equipment advantages and features

(1)Large sieve tray size and high processing capacity

(2)Crank shaft is stable and durable

(3)Fully enclosed structure

(4)The sieve tray can be disassembled, easy to replace

(5)The sieve tray angle can be adjusted flexibly



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