Winner’s domestic garbage shredder

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-07-10

Shredders are widely used in domestic waste treatment process. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of different types of shredders.

1. Large trash rough shredder

Large pieces of waste include used furniture (sofa, mattresses, tables, etc.), large household appliances and sanitary equipment, tree branches in landscaping, etc. Winner's bulky coarse shredder machine adopts a modular design, and the cutter uses imported high wear-resistant materials, which has very strong wear resistance; at the same time, it adopts a high-torque hydraulic motor as a drive, which improves the efficiency of the equipment while ensuring efficiency. stability. The large-size garbage rough shredder moves through the movable knife fixed on the shaft and the fixed knife fixed on the box body. The hook teeth on the moving knife drive the garbage to be shredded, so as to control the particle size of the material and facilitate the material to enter the equipment for sorting.

2. Shear biaxial shredder

The shearing twin shaft shredder produced by Winner is a device that uses mechanical shearing force to crush solid waste and other solid waste into suitable sizes. The fixed knife is installed on both sides of the box, and the movable knife is fixed on a rotatable shaft By driving the drive shaft to drive the rotating knife, the moving knife and the fixed knife cut the incoming material like scissors to closely control the particle size of the material. The shear-type biaxial shredder has a good crushing effect on solid wastes such as wood, plastics, metals, and rubber. The shear-type biaxial shredder can be designed according to different materials, select different material particle sizes according to the subsequent processing of the product, use the appropriate tool form and material, and choose a hydraulic motor or a reduction motor as the drive to achieve a better Broken effect.

3. Fine shredder

Winner's fine shredder is specially designed for kitchen waste, finely crushing solid materials such as plastics, lunch boxes, organic matter, etc. in the waste. According to the characteristics of high moisture content of kitchen waste, the equipment cabinet and the silo are integrally sealed, and the wastewater is not leaked. The front and rear bearing seats are integrally processed. The internal design of a multi-layer sealing structure ensures that the external wastewater and internal lubricating oil will not leak. In addition, fine shredders are also mostly used in the back end of the garbage treatment line to finely treat materials, which is convenient for subsequent incineration, fermentation, composting and other treatment processes.




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