Why choose Henan Winner composite frequency screen series products

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-03-08

01 Environmental protection

Reduce dust pollution

The traditional screen adopts the overall vibration mode and dynamic sealing. There is a gap of more than 200mm between the vibrating screen body and the sealing cover on the screen and the hopper to prevent collisions. There are many dust leak points and the on-site environment is harsh.

The composite frequency screen adopts full static sealing, and the inlet and outlet can be rigidly connected, and there is no dust leak point, which greatly reduces the environmental problems of the on-site place and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Reduce noise

The multiple frequency screen adopts the fully static sealing of the screen box, the screening operation is carried out in a fully sealed state, and the operating noise of the equipment is greatly reduced.


02 Energy saving

Power saving

Taking the 3073 double-layer circular vibrating screen as an example, two 45Kw motors are used as the power source, and the composite frequency screen uses four 11Kw motors as the power source. The overall energy use comparison is as follows:


Calculated on the basis of one Yuan per kilowatt-hour of industrial electricity, the annual electricity bill can be saved by ¥120,960.

Save dust collect air volume

Traditional screening equipment adopts overall vibration mode and can only adopt dynamic sealing. Dust collect pipes generally use 1000mm-1200mm diameter. For composite frequency screens, Dust removal pipes generally use 300mm-500mm diameter. It can save more than half of the dust collect air volume.

Save lubricating oil

The composite frequency screen exciter adopts type structure, so that the exciting force of each point of the screen plate is the same. The exciter is located outside the screen box, which does not participate in vibration and does not require frequent lubrication.

Save the consumption of spare parts

The bearings of the composite frequency screen exciter adopts a unique long-distance dispersion arrangement system, the exciter temperature can be controlled within 65 celsius degrees, the bearing life is more than three times that of the traditional screen. Compared with traditional screens, the screen box does not participate in vibration, so it has no loss and has a long service life.

03 Reduce construction costs and increase economic benefits

Take the model 3073 double-layer circular vibrating screen as an example, the overall weight is about 45 tons (excluding the secondary vibration isolation frame, the weight of which is about 20 tons), the vibration quality is above 25 tons, and the overall vibration mode is adopted , The vibration quality is too large, the dynamic load and static load are relatively large, and there is no secondary vibration isolation frame, which is prone to resonance problems. It requires high foundation and overall strength. Once resonance problems occur, they can only be reinforced and can’t be fully solved.

The overall mass of the composite frequency screen is about 45 tons, among which the vibration mass is about 20 tons. Because the composite frequency screen adopts two-section vibration mode, that is to say, the vibration mass of each section is 10 tons, and the vibration frequency is different. A secondary vibration isolation frame is required, and there will be no resonance problems.

The traditional screen adopts the overall vibration mode, and the maximum dynamic load when starting and stopping is 6-8 times the normal dynamic load, while the composite frequency screen adopts the segmented vibration mode, which is only 2-3 times the normal dynamic load when starting and stopping. The cost of infrastructure construction is reduced, and the economic benefits are obvious.

04 High screening efficiency and large processing capacity

The vibration mass of the composite frequency screen is small, and the exciter adopts a # shaped structure. The exciting force can be directly applied to each position of the screen plate more uniform, so that the material on the screen surface from the inlet to the outlet are fully uniform screening, with adjustable excitation force of the exciter, can increase the effective screening efficiency by more than 85%.

05 Easy maintenance

The composite frequency screen adopts multiple miniaturization design, which solves the problem that the large screen plate is difficult to install for the on-site replacement of the screen.

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