Waste Sorting System

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-02-22

As a special kind of construction waste, decoration waste is produced in the process of interior decoration in urban areas, including the decoration process of residents after purchasing houses and living houses. With the rapid pace of urbanization, the decoration waste is also increasing. The phenomenon of idle waste, illegal dumping and garbage besieging the city occurs from time to time, which has a serious impact on Residents' lives and urban environment. The traditional way of landfill disposal, such as river pond and fish pond, has the disadvantages of wasting land resources and seriously polluting the environment, which can not meet the needs of the current situation. Practice has proved that the only way out is to recycle the building decoration waste.

Sorting is the precondition and the top priority of the resource treatment of decoration waste. The composition of decoration waste is complex, and the requirements for separation equipment are also high. Single sorting can not solve the problem well. Only through the comprehensive separation of a variety of equipment combination can achieve better results.

According to the current situation and problems of waste treatment, the company's technical advantages and product characteristics, the decoration waste sorting system has been developed.

The system has the following advantages:

1. Large treatment capacity. The treatment capacity of the system is about 500t / D, which can deal with a large amount of garbage in a short time.

2. Good separation effect. The system can better separate decoration waste into fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, combustible, metal and other different types, and can also increase the sorting type according to the actual needs, and the separation efficiency can reach more than 90%. In the later stage, the material can be removed by the pneumatic separator to ensure the purity of the material

3. The equipment has good sealing performance. The system is equipped with a sealing system, which can prevent the leakage of materials, inhibit the leakage of dust and odor, and reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment as much as possible. At the same time, Winner's unique static sealing system can greatly reduce noise and other problems.

4. Is easy to maintain and operate. The system is highly integrated, the equipment is simple and easy to maintain, with less vulnerable parts, which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment. At the same time, the integrated PLC intelligent operating system can realize one key start and dynamic fault alarm. The operation is simple and the labor cost is greatly reduced.


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