Resource utilization of construction waste

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-03-17

Resource utilization of construction waste

Construction waste undergoes crushing, screening, iron removal, light material separation, grinding and dust collection, etc., to obtain high-quality recycled coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, recycled powder and other recycled building materials, which can be used to produce ready-mixed mortar and commercial concrete, Permeable bricks and other terminal building materials, so as to realize the recycling of construction waste.
More than 90% of construction waste recycling products are building materials. Among them, recycled asphalt products, aggregate products, powder products, concrete products, recycled mortar products, etc., have effectively alleviated the crisis of shortage of natural raw materials in the building materials industry. At the same time, construction waste recycling can save land resources, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
So, what products can be made using the recycled materials?
1. After being crushed, waste materials such as bricks, stones and concrete can be used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, and concrete bedding in place of sand; waste concrete blocks can be finely crushed and mixed with standard sand to form mortar and fine aggregate The material is used for wall and floor plastering, roof mortar leveling layer, masonry mortar, making floor tiles, etc.;
2. The scrap bricks are crushed and used as the aggregate of building slab to make partition wall material. Not only are they light in weight and high in strength, they are also soundproof and have a small expansion coefficient. They are easy to obtain and cheap, which greatly reduces the cost;
3. After crushed, waste concrete blocks can be used as aggregates in cast-in-place concrete or prefabricated components for non-load-bearing parts of buildings. This saves construction funds, and does not reduce the strength of the structure;
4. There are more than 100 types of recycled bricks, including partition bricks, modular bricks, pavement bricks, permeable bricks, thermal insulation bricks, grass-planting bricks, sound barrier slab, etc., and their performance indicators have reached or exceeded relevant national standards.
Studies have shown that for every 100 million tons of construction waste used, 24.3 billion standard bricks and 36 million tons of mixed materials can be produced, reducing soil borrowing or replacing natural sand and gravel by 10 million cubic meters, saving 2.7 million tons of coal, and adding 8.46 billion yuan in output value, creating huge economic benefits.
The resource utilization of construction waste will help build a green and low-carbon circular development economic system. WINNER focusing on screening and sorting for more than 60 years, can provide customers with customized construction waste recycling equipment. Welcome to inquire: 400-113-3090!


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