WQBX double shaft shredder-a good helper for crushing

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-11-11

Due to its large crushing ratio and stability, the dual-shaft shredder can be used in conjunction with a variety of environmental protection equipment, which can greatly reduce the investment cost and make the crushing efficiency higher, making it increasingly widely used in society.

The double-shaft shredder is mainly composed of a box body, a main shaft assembly, a fixed knife assembly, a feed hopper assembly, a geared motor, and a chassis. Using dual-axis independent drive, the material is shredded to below the specified particle size through the squeezing and shearing of the cutter installed on the main shaft.

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This equipment is mainly used for the treatment of crushed urban domestic garbage, which can shred wood, textiles, plastics, paper, etc. in the garbage into smaller particle sizes, which is convenient for the subsequent treatment of the garbage.

Highlights of WQBX double shaft shredder equipment:

1. During the use of the shredder, the speed of the knife is low, the noise is low, the energy consumption is low, and the practicability is strong.

2. Added coarse crushing, anti-winding and material pressing devices.

3. The side plate connection of the box adopts the form of bolt connection, which is convenient for tool replacement and maintenance.

4. It can be driven by hydraulic pressure as required, equipped with centralized lubrication system and bearing temperature detection.

5. Electric control can adopt manual and automatic control modes, and the speed is adjustable.

6. The power of the whole machine is small, the energy consumption is low, and the crushing efficiency is over 95%.

7. The movable knife adopts high-quality cutting tool steel, adopts a new type of structure, and has undergone many heat treatments and finishing processes to ensure cutting performance and a long service life.

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