Multi-frequency screen, really environmentally friendly, the effect can be seen

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-11-19

WINNER multi-frequency screen is widely used in the solvent screening system of iron and steel enterprises (sintering, blast furnace, coking, raw material plants, etc.) in the metallurgical industry. It has advanced screening concepts, unique screen plate structure, strong environmental protection and relatively With the characteristics of high energy saving, high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, easy maintenance, etc., it can provide different customized product solutions for material screening of different particle sizes, which is widely favored by customers.

The raw material plant of a steel plant in Shanxi had a poor site environment, severe dust, very loud noise, and serious resonance between the equipment and the floor, which caused major safety hazards to the concrete structure of the screening building.

Later, after replacing the equipment with a dual-frequency screen from WINNER, the dust on the site was greatly improved. The compound frequency screen has a small vibration weight and is equipped with a secondary vibration reduction system, which reduces the impact on the floor slab, and the resonance phenomenon is well resolved. The noise is reduced and the on-site environment is greatly improved. Customers have praised the screening effect of the multi-frequency screen again and again.

The fully enclosed structure of the multiple frequency screen meets high standards of environmental protection, and users no longer have to worry about being stopped by environmental protection and affecting production. If you want to know more, please call WITTMANN technical consultation hotline +8613373745380!


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