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Author: Winner   Time: 2021-11-27

With the call of the state, various garbage treatment projects and treatment methods have sprung up, constantly appearing. Then came various garbage disposal equipment manufacturers.

The air separator is a treatment equipment that plays an important role in the treatment of domestic waste. It is sorted by the density and volume of the materials. When materials with different densities are blown by the wind, their parabola is different. Through this difference, the materials can be separated. Perform simple density sorting. The material is lifted to the top of the tuyere through the feeding equipment. When the material is a free parabolic and the wind blows, the blanking point of the material of different density is changed, so that the domestic waste is divided into two materials of light material and heavy material.

The winnowing machine generally only has the functions of winnowing and collecting materials, and other requirements need to be provided by the supporting equipment of the external production line. WINNER has developed and designed a new type of winnowing equipment-integrated winnowing machine. The integrated winnowing machine is called integration because it is integrated with multiple functions such as refining, feeding, and winnowing, similar to the overall functions of a small winnowing production line. The integrated winnowing machine can be arbitrarily matched to the domestic waste sorting production line, and due to its own leveling equipment and accelerated feeding belt, two types of equipment can be omitted in the production line, which reduces the site requirements. The integrated sorting machine also has the functions of adjusting the air volume, blowing angle, and adjusting the material blanking point. The internal circulation blows the air, and the cabinet adopts a double-layer structure, which has good environmental performance.

It has been applied to a garbage treatment plant in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. As an important part of the production line, it has good winnowing efficiency and can easily separate heavy and light substances.

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