Application of Rotary Vibrating Screen in Coating Production Process

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-11-03

Screening equipment is currently a relatively widely used material separation machine, and has been widely used in the production field by various industries. Screening equipment also plays a very important role in the production process of coatings. The rotary vibrating screen can easily and effectively remove the impurities mixed in the paint during the production process. The following is an analysis of the application of screening equipment in the coating production process:

Essentially, the process of paint production is to crush solid pigment particles by external force and disperse them in a resin solution or emulsion to form a uniform and fine suspension dispersion. The production process usually uses four steps:

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1. Pre-dispersion

The pigment is mixed with part of the paint in the equipment to prepare a mixed color paste that is a semi-finished product of the color paste, which is also convenient for subsequent grinding.

2. Grinding and dispersing

The pre-dispersed mixed color paste is fully dispersed by grinding and dispersing equipment to obtain a pigment color paste.

3. Mix the paint

Add the remaining base materials, other additives and solvents to the ground pigment paste, if necessary, to color the paint to meet the quality requirements of the color paint.

4. Purification packaging

Various impurities and large particles are removed through vibrating screening and filtering equipment, and the finished paint is prepared by packaging.

The main equipment for paint production includes screening equipment, dispersion equipment, grinding equipment, paint mixing equipment, filtering equipment, conveying equipment, etc.

In the paint manufacturing process, impurities may still be mixed. For example, when adding pigments and fillers, some mechanical impurities may be introduced. When sanding is used for dispersion, the paint slurry will be mixed with crushed grinding media (such as glass beads). In addition, There are also pigment particles that have not been sufficiently ground.

Commonly used equipment for color paint filtration includes rotary vibrating screens, roller screens, bag filters, tubular filters and self-cleaning filters, etc. Generally, appropriate filtering equipment is selected according to the fineness requirements of the color paint and the output size.

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