Hydraulic flotation machine, screening and grading of materials with different densities

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-10-29

The hydraulic flotation machine is screened and classified according to the density of the material. Materials with different densities have different buoyancy in the water, so that materials can be stratified during the blanking process, and materials of different densities are separated by effective collection methods.

The hydraulic flotation machine WSFX developed and designed by WITTMANN is different from the traditional flotation machine in that a vibrating feeder and a guide trough are added above the flotation machine to make the material fall evenly through the vibrating feeder, and then guide it. After the trough, the speed slows down, which increases the separation time of light substances and facilitates the separation of light substances. At the same time, the backwater structure is optimized and improved to enhance the backwater performance and ensure the direction of water flow, thereby stabilizing the running direction of light materials.

Structure and composition

The hydraulic flotation machine includes bottom bracket assembly, box body, chain scraper, vibrating feeder, upper chute, lower chute, main belt conveyor, spiral sewage machine, water inlet pipe, water receiving device, maintenance platform, Waterway system, etc.

Product advantages

1. The equipment has a compact structure, which is convenient for overhaul and maintenance, while effectively reducing the use area of ​​the site;


2. Water recycling system, effectively reducing sewage discharge;


3. The cleanliness of the materials after water flotation is high, which effectively improves the quality of recycled aggregates;


4. The sorting effect is good, and it can effectively realize the sieving and separation of light substances and heavy substances.

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