An effective solution for dry screening in the coal industry~multi-frequency screen-G

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-10-20

An effective solution for dry screening in the coal industry~multi-frequency screen-G

With the approaching cold winter and the surge in export business, the domestic demand for electricity has reached a new high. Accompanying it is the substantial appreciation of fossil energy-coal, and the price of imported coal and raw coal in many places in China has nearly doubled. As the economic benefits of the coal industry increase, coal mines have higher and higher requirements for stable coal production and environmental protection. Ordinary vibrating screens can no longer meet the needs of the current industry in terms of equipment stability, screening efficiency and environmental protection. WINNER’s patented product double frequency screen-G is mainly used in coal, mining, chemical, electric power and other industries. It is an important equipment for particle size classification of bulk materials. Through the large-scale industrial application of nearly a thousand customers at home and abroad, more satisfactory results have been obtained, and the users have been unanimously praised.

Structure and characteristics of compound frequency screen-G

 1. Segmented screening, the whole machine does not vibrate, and the screen vibrates

The multiple frequency screen is different from the traditional vibrating screen. It does not participate in the vibration as a whole. The side plate, top cover, and base of the screen are all fixed parts, and only the screen and the vibration exciter assembly participate in the vibration.

2. Self-cleaning screen surface

The special screen, in addition to the vibration of the whole screen, each screen also has a relative movable gap, and is subjected to secondary vibration, which can greatly eliminate the adhesion problem of the wet sticky coal to the screen.

Three, closed structure

Used in high dust industrial and mining conditions, it is generally made into a closed structure to prevent dust from leaking out, thus responding to environmental protection requirements.

4. Larger amplitude and smaller dynamic load

Due to the technological characteristics that the screen body does not vibrate but the screen vibrates, the dynamic stress of the screen machine can be greatly reduced, so the amplitude can be greatly improved, but the dynamic load can be greatly reduced.

5. Unique PLC control system

Generally, 1 to 6 motors are used to drive, start in the forward direction, and stop in the reverse direction to finally achieve the purpose of empty starting. No material is stored on the screen, which is convenient for observation and maintenance.

6. Ease of maintenance and low operating cost

Few vibration-participating parts, low-quality parts, and less wearing parts. The screen rod is a vulnerable part of the multiple frequency screen, and the rod is low in cost. The low operating cost of the multiple frequency screen is unmatched by the traditional screen machine, and it can save the user money to a greater extent.

In summary, the technical characteristics of the multi-frequency screen-G are that the whole does not vibrate, the screen vibrates, and maintains a large amplitude and screening area during the screening process, thereby obtaining a high screening efficiency. It can better meet the increasing production needs of users.

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