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Author: Winner   Time: 2022-03-08

Sand making production line is generally called sand and gravel production line, which is a special production line equipment for producing construction sand and stone. The sand and gravel production line is defined according to the type of output. The finished products produced include stone and artificial sand, so it is also called the sand and gravel production line, which is equivalent to the combination of the stone production line and the sand production line.

The sand and gravel aggregate production line developed and designed by WITTMANN is a special production system for the production of construction sand and stone, which saves about 50% energy than traditional sand making machines. It can make rocks, gravels, river pebbles and other materials into various particle sizes that meet the requirements of construction sand. Because the sand produced by the sand and gravel production line has uniform particle size and high compressive strength, it is far better than natural sand and ordinary hammer sand. The sand produced by the machine is more in line with the construction requirements and can improve the construction quality. The mechanically produced sand and gravel production line equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high work efficiency.

work process:

During the working process of the sand making production line, the large stones are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder through the silo for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed stones are sent to the cone crusher (or impact crusher) by the belt conveyor. The crushed stone is sent to the screening equipment by the belt conveyor for screening, and the finished sand (under sieve) is sent to the sand washing machine by the belt conveyor for cleaning, and then sent to the finished product through the belt conveyor Material pile; large-grained stone (screen material) is sent to the vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) by the belt conveyor for fine crushing, and the finely crushed stone is sent to the screening equipment by the belt conveyor again for screening. Closed loop multiple times.


The sand making production line has a high degree of automation, low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution and easy maintenance.

In terms of equipment maintenance, there is almost no manual operation except for the start-up, shutdown and routine maintenance of the equipment. It has high production efficiency, low operating cost, large output and high income, and the finished stone has uniform particle size and good particle shape, which meets the national high-speed material requirements.

In the design of the technological process, due to the reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels and the rigorous spatial cross layout, it has the characteristics of small footprint, high investment and economic benefits, good quality of crushed stone, and low output rate of stone powder. Equipped with an intelligent control system, it ensures the smooth discharge of the whole process, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

Sand making, how can we do without an efficient and intelligent sand production line? If you are also facing the problem of sand making, please call WITTMANN Technology Hotline 400-113-3090!


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