Distributed sieve technology upgrade

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-03-01

The distributed screen is a device that uses a unified vibration source to drive the multi-layer screen boxes to vibrate together. It adopts the screen boxes of the independent screening system to be staggered and overlapped, and the screen surfaces of each layer independently complete the screening operation. The vibration source used in the distributed screen is The linear natural vibration source developed by WITTMANN Co., Ltd. integrates drive and vibration, small size, convenient installation, light weight, reliable operation, strong versatility, small maintenance, and infinitely variable excitation force. It is an ideal and reliable vibration utilization source for screening equipment.

Optimization of distributed screen relative to laminated screen:

1. Improved screening efficiency

Due to the composition of fine-grained materials, in the traditional screening process, the materials will be clumped together from small particles to large particles and difficult to screen and separate, which seriously affects the screening efficiency of materials and the recovery of fine products. For this problem, we have newly developed and added a secondary distributor, which can break up the normal running organizational structure of the raw materials, better complete the screening and rapid separation of materials, and eliminate the phenomenon of blocking holes, so that the recovery rate of finished products can be increased by 10- 15 percentage points.

2. Optimization of screening operation process system

Change the original production process, simplify the process and equipment layout. Reduce the repeated transportation of materials and the manual maintenance of equipment failure points, which not only saves labor but also reduces labor intensity.

3. Static operation, energy saving and environmental protection

Through the use of the distributed screen, it is found that the whole machine has some slight vibration transmission to the ground. For this phenomenon, we have added a vibration reduction device to replace the adjustment device of the whole machine. The vibration damping device has low noise, which can improve the vibration transmission phenomenon, optimize the working environment, realize the static operation of the customer's site, and achieve a green working environment.

4. According to on-site feedback

When the material is distributed, the flow of each channel is uneven. For this phenomenon, we have added a flow control valve under the distributor to control the flow of each channel reasonably.

Application scenarios of distributed sieve:

1. Iron ore and ilmenite concentrator:

For concentrate particle size control and classification. The screening efficiency of the distribution screen is high, and the positive enrichment effect of the products under the screen is remarkable, thereby improving the selected grade (the concentrate grade can be increased by 1% to 3% year-on-year); the distribution screen can replace the spiral classifier in the iron ore dressing plant. And cyclone, matching with the coarse-grain magnetic separation process, to improve the processing capacity of the mill.

2. Concentrator of tungsten, tin, tantalum and niobium ore:

This type of ore is relatively brittle and has a large specific gravity. Distributed screens can be used instead of spiral classifiers and cyclones for classification, or combined with them for classification, which can significantly reduce the crushing of useful minerals, improve the beneficiation efficiency, and increase the recovery rate by 8% to 15%. The processing capacity of the grinding system is increased by more than 20-30%.

The optimization of the screening operation system and the fine classification make the screening efficiency not less than 80%, and the theoretical data of the finished product recovery rate can be increased by 40%-50%. WINNER can solve the problems in screening and sorting according to the actual situation of customers, and meet the different production needs of customers. For details, please call the hotline: 400-113-3090!


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