A good helper for wind selection - WFXJ comprehensive wind sorter

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-02-25

The WFXJ comprehensive air separator independently developed by WINNER mainly separates light materials (such as paper, plastic bags, films, etc.) from heavy materials in garbage, that is, according to the principle of aerodynamics Separation is carried out to achieve the purpose of recycling and reuse, and there will be no discharge of harmful substances of solid, gas and liquid.

work process

After the garbage enters the air separator, the air inlet system blows out the air flow, so that the light and heavy garbage are separated.

Equipment advantage

1. The sealing performance of the box is good, and an observation window is installed, which can clearly observe the screening of materials;

2. The whole frame adopts high-quality carbon steel to increase the stability of the equipment;

3. The air inlet system adopts high-power centrifugal fan with strong wind.

WFXJ comprehensive wind selector, a good helper for wind selection. If you are facing the problem of incomplete sorting of light and heavy substances, please contact WINNER and consult the hotline +8613373745380!


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