How much do you know about wet and sticky raw coal by dry screening

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-03-21

Another customer sent feedback: before the customer used WFPS-G on site, the site working conditions were dirty and chaotic, the environmental protection requirements were not up to standard, and the dust during the screening process was large, which caused great harm to the environment and human body; after using WFPS-G, the site There is no dust, and it is not easy to block holes, which is highly praised by customers!​

WFPS-G is a screening product developed to solve the deep screening of wet and sticky materials, especially for dry screening of wet and sticky raw coal <10mm, it has a good screening effect. WFPS-G screening machine is widely used in coal (grain size classification), metallurgy (grain size classification), electric power (CFB boiler fine particle raw coal screening) and other industries.

How WFPS-G works:

The motor drives the exciter and the screen through the soft connection at the end, so that the screen vibrates; the screen box and the side plate do not participate in the vibration, and the exciter is fixed on the shock-absorbing mechanism of the bottom bracket.


WINNER WFPS-G has the following features:

1. Segmented screening, segmented vibration

The traditional vibrating screen is the vibration of the whole machine. Different from the traditional vibrating screen, the WFPS-G does not participate in the overall vibration, only the screen mesh and the exciter participate in the overall vibration.

2. WFPS-G has a large screen acceleration

The fluffy and stratified wet and sticky materials are the prerequisites for sieving! Under the action of high amplitude, the screen of WFPS-G can generate a vibration acceleration of up to 30G, forcing the fine materials to quickly stratify, sink and stick to the screen surface, and complete the screening process in an instant.

3. Smaller dynamic load of multi-frequency sieve-G

In WFPS-G, only the screen mesh participates in the vibration. Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, the vibration mass is only one-sixth. Under the premise of effective screening, the dynamic load can be doubled, and the customer's infrastructure cost investment can be greatly reduced.

4. Various types of anti-blocking screen technology

WFPS-G can be configured with more than 10 kinds of anti-blocking screen technologies such as 60Si2Mn elastic screen, polyurethane screen, alloy screen and so on according to different material properties;

In addition, WINNER has developed a special screen technology suitable for deep screening of raw coal in my country, which can be quickly installed and replaced. Because its screen wire is elastic, it is not easy to stick and block, and the screen has high opening rate, good anti-running effect and high screening efficiency.

Five, fully enclosed structure, strong environmental protection

The WFPS-G box is stationary, and the shaft end of the screen machine is made of natural corrugated rubber material with good elasticity, so that the dust does not leak out, and it responds to the increasingly high environmental protection requirements.

6. Smaller power and higher safety

Because the screen body of WFPS-G is static and only the screen mesh participates in the vibration, the energy consumption of the whole machine is greatly reduced. The screen body does not vibrate, and the rotating parts are equipped with protective devices, thereby improving safety!

7, PLC control system and intelligence

WFPS-G generally uses 1-6 motors to drive, and the starting time interval of each motor is 6-8 seconds. There is no material stored on the screen machine, which is more conducive to observation and maintenance. Therefore, WFPS-G uses PLC to control a series of actions such as start, stop, manual and remote control of the entire equipment, and the operation is simple.

The WFPS-G developed by WINNER can better solve the problem of screen plugging during the screening of wet sticky raw coal smaller than 10mm. If you want to know more, please call the WINNER technical consultation hotline 400-113-3090 !


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