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Author: Winner   Time: 2022-04-02

The actual situation of the use of multi-frequency screen-G (model WFPS-G-2560) at a power generation site in Inner Mongolia. According to the customer's report, the roller screen was used before the renovation, and the screening efficiency is not ideal. If the material has a little moisture, it is particularly easy to block. It is necessary to send someone to clean up the blocked material, which is time-consuming and laborious, and cannot meet the production needs. big.

After the transformation, the WITTMANN multi-frequency screen-G is used, and the problem of material blocking has been significantly improved; the on-site working environment has reached the environmental protection standard; the replacement of the sieve plate is simple and fast, ensuring the continuity of production; while the processing capacity is large, the screening effect is guaranteed. 

The video shows the use of multi-frequency screen-G (model WFPS-G-2560) at a power generation site in Inner Mongolia.

Multi-frequency screen-G technical advantages:

1. Segmented screening, segmented vibration

The traditional vibrating screen vibrates the whole machine. Some data show that the screening efficiency of the first third screen surface from the feed end is about 90%, while the screening efficiency of the middle third screen surface is 40%- About 45%, the screening efficiency of the last third of the screen surface can only reach about 20% at most. In order to make the entire screen surface play a greater role, WITTMANN has made many adjustments in response to its problems. The multi-frequency screen-G does not participate in the vibration as a whole. The side plate, top cover and base of the screen machine are all fixed parts, and only the screen mesh and the exciter assembly participate in the vibration.

2. Multi-frequency screen-G has a large screen acceleration

The fluffy and stratified wet and sticky materials are the prerequisites for sieving. The screen mesh of the multi-frequency screen-G can generate a vibration acceleration of up to 30G under the action of high amplitude, forcing the fine materials to quickly stratify, sink and stick to the screen surface, and complete the screening process in an instant.

3. Smaller dynamic load of multi-frequency sieve-G

The multi-frequency screen-G only has the screen mesh to participate in the vibration. Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, the vibration mass is only one-sixth. Under the premise of effective screening, the dynamic load can be greatly reduced, and the capital construction cost investment is greatly reduced.

4. Various types of anti-blocking screen technology

Multi-frequency screen-G can be configured according to different material properties: elastic screen, polyurethane screen, alloy screen and other more than 10 kinds of anti-blocking screen technologies.

In addition, WITTMANN has developed a special screen technology suitable for deep screening of raw coal in my country in terms of string screen technology, which can be quickly installed and replaced. The screen wire has good elasticity, is not easy to stick and block, and has high opening rate, good anti-running effect and high screening efficiency.

Five, fully enclosed structure, strong environmental protection

The multi-frequency screen-G box is static, and the shaft end of the screen machine is made of natural corrugated rubber material with good elasticity, so that the dust does not leak out, and responds to the increasingly high environmental protection requirements of the country.

6. Smaller power and higher safety

Since the multi-frequency screen-G screen body is static, only the screen mesh participates in the vibration, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is greatly reduced. The screen body does not vibrate, and the rotating parts are equipped with protective devices, which improves the safety.

Seven, PLC control system and intelligence

The multi-frequency screen-G is driven by multiple motors, starts in the reverse direction, and stops in the forward direction. The PLC controls a series of actions such as starting, stopping, and automatic refueling of the entire equipment, which is easy to operate.

Relying on its unique advantages, Multi-Frequency Screen-G has quickly opened up the market. Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and many other places are using Multi-Frequency Screen-G. If you are also facing the problem of difficult screening of wet and sticky materials, please call Wittmann's technical consultation hotline +8613373745380!


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