Unique structure multi-frequency sieve-Y, wet sieving is preferred

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-07-15

 WINNER has been focusing on the screening and sorting industry for nearly 70 years. The screening equipment is widely used in various industries, and has accumulated a lot of screening and sorting experience.

> In order to solve the problem of wet screening of materials,  WINNER  has specially developed the multi-frequency screen-Y. The product adopts multi-stage screen surface independent vibration to force material stratification to achieve thin-layer screening, and there is a drop at the transition of each section, water and material are easier to separate during the tumbling process due to different gravity, and improve desliming, dehydration and dewatering. efficiency of the medium.

Main Features and Advantages of Multi-Frequency Sieve-Y

1. Unique structure and high sorting efficiency

Unique design concept, compact structure, combined structure design technology of multiple independent screening units, and excitation force control technology of multiple independent screening units, so that the amplitude and frequency of each screen segment can be accurately controlled, and the frequency and amplitude can be changed on demand. Adjustable to improve screening quality and efficiency.

Second, the high intelligence of the system

The sorting equipment management system realizes one-key startup, operation, health management, status monitoring, report statistics, system diagnosis, and is equipped with a cloud monitoring system.

3. High reliability

①. New structure: split design, single-point dynamic and static load is more than 50% lower than traditional vibrating screen, and equipment stability is better.

②. New technology: laser cutting, intelligent robot welding, high-frequency aging treatment, etc., the technology guarantees quality and higher reliability.

③. New materials: All the places in contact with materials are sprayed with modified polyurea coating to make the product shelf life longer.

Multi-frequency sieve-Y with unique structure, wet sieving is preferred. If you want to know more, please call WINNER technical consultation hotline+8613373745380!


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