Multi-frequency screen-PLUS, the concept of plus, gives you unlimited possibilities

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-07-09

A coking enterprise in Shanxi used a traditional vibrating screen before transforming and using the multi-frequency screen-PLUS: the material moisture is easy to block the holes, and the blocked materials need to be cleaned frequently, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the screening efficiency is low; the on-site dust exceeds the standard and cannot be satisfied. The current national environmental protection requirements, and the high cost of centralized dust removal, cannot meet production needs. After using the WINNER multi-frequency screen-PLUS, the problem of material blocking has been effectively improved: the multi-frequency screen-PLUS adopts full static sealing and is equipped with a dust removal system. The dust removal work can be stopped in seconds, which can effectively improve the working environment of the site, and achieve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction; and the replacement of the sieve plate is simple and fast, which ensures the continuity of production.

Multi-Frequency Screen-PLUS has the following features:

1. Segmented screening, segmented vibration

The traditional vibrating screen vibrates the whole machine. The data shows that the screening efficiency of the first third screen surface from the feed end is about 90%, while the screening efficiency of the middle third screen surface is about 40%. -45%, and the screening efficiency of the last third of the screen surface can only reach about 20% at most. The multi-frequency screen-PLUS adopts multi-stage screening technology to ensure large processing capacity and screening efficiency.

2. Small dynamic load

The multi-frequency screen-PLUS only has the screen mesh to participate in the vibration. Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, the vibration mass is only one-sixth. Under the premise of effective screening, the dynamic load can be doubled, and the customer's infrastructure cost investment can be greatly reduced. Small.

3. Fully enclosed structure, strong environmental protection

Multi-frequency screen-PLUS has an independent dust removal system, no need to add additional dust removal pipes. The screen box is static, and the shaft end of the screen machine is made of natural corrugated rubber material with good elasticity, so that the dust does not leak out, and responds to the increasingly high environmental protection requirements.

4. Smaller power and higher safety

Because the screen body is static and only the screen mesh participates in the vibration, the energy consumption of the whole machine is greatly reduced, and the rotating parts are equipped with protective devices, thereby improving the safety.

5. Intelligence

Configure the PLC control system to manually and remotely control the start and stop of the entire equipment. The PLC control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen, which is convenient for the setting and display of the control system parameters, including the display of bearing temperature and the alarm of abnormal temperature. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic refueling system to reduce the labor intensity of workers and avoid accidents caused by human reasons. At the same time, the intelligent monitoring equipment of Ruolin, a subsidiary of WINNER Co., Ltd., can be configured, and the combination of Internet of Things technology and automation technology can realize intelligent monitoring, intelligent lubrication, automatic alarm, etc., realize synchronous data monitoring on the PC terminal/mobile terminal, and abnormal alarm in the platform. In case of failure, it can be prompted by WeChat, SMS, and email, and there is an alarm record.

6. Modularization

All connectors are screwed, the equipment can be divided into various units during transportation, and the maximum weight of a single piece is only 30%~40% of conventional equipment, which can save the cost of hoisting; each module can be installed in sequence to achieve "building block type" When the equipment needs to be transferred, it can be disassembled and transported to the designated position in the reverse direction, and the next round of work can be quickly entered; and other components, which cannot be seamlessly connected with the vibrating screen box.

WFPS-PLUS series multi-frequency screen is the design concept of WINNER Co., Ltd., which is based on the original multi-frequency screen + auxiliary functions. For example, adding distributed dust removal, distributor, distributor, beater, shredding device, cleaning device, walking device, spray device, etc., can meet the needs of different working conditions. At present, the multi-frequency screen-PLUS has been used on site by major customers, and has been well received and recognized. Welcome to call the technical consultation hotline +8613373745380, WINNER will provide you with customized solutions!


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