Multi-frequency screen-C can effectively solve the problem of screening wet and sticky materials for you

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-07-21

WINNER shares comply with the national environmental protection policy, and the multi-frequency screen developed by the company has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and no dust, and has been highly recognized and praised by the majority of users. Now I will introduce the details of the multi-frequency screen-C.

Multi-frequency screen-C is a special dry screening equipment for bulk, wet and viscous fine materials (such as raw coal, ore, lignite, bauxite, coke, etc.). It is used for lump ore, coke, coke powder, coke dicing, coal powder, limestone, etc. with material size above 3mm and moisture content less than 20%. Of course, it can also be applied to the screening of various fine materials, usually refers to the screening materials > 1.5mm.

The multi-frequency screen-C adopts the regular motion generated by the high-amplitude exciter to drive the upper and lower rows of shear springs. Due to the displacement difference between the primary vibrating screen box and the secondary floating screen box, they approach and move away regularly, and finally the screen plate is attached. Doing the relaxation movement, this movement not only makes the screen holes constantly deformed, but also greatly increases the vibration intensity of the screen surface, thereby effectively overcoming the blockage of the screen holes and significantly improving the processing capacity of the screen machine.

Technical advantages


The inlet and outlet of the multi-frequency screen-C can be easily connected with other related equipment in a rigid and sealed manner, so that the entire screening operation can be carried out in a static and fully sealed state. It works under pressure, thus effectively solving the problem of dust pollution in the screening process.

Sectional vibration

> Multi-frequency screen-C adopts the way of multi-section screen surface arranged in sections and vibrating separately to realize online adjustability of vibration frequency, amplitude and vibration trajectory. It integrates the fixed and non-vibrating mechanical structure of the screen box frame. This vibration working method greatly reduces the related The probability of fatigue damage of parts can achieve the effect of prolonging the life of the equipment.


The vibration mode of the same vibration source, the same amplitude and the same vibration frequency of the traditional screening equipment has been changed. According to the actual screening material characteristics, processing capacity, particle size composition, water content and other working conditions, the screen surface height of each section can be realized. The free adjustment of low frequency and low amplitude, low frequency and high amplitude and variable trajectory can better realize the stratification and permeation of each screen surface.

The inclination of the screen surface is adjustable

According to different working conditions such as on-site material processing capacity, particle size composition, water content, etc., the lower hoop of each screen surface can be adjusted to adjust the screen surface inclination angle, so as to improve the utilization rate and utilization effect of the screen surface.

High elastic screen surface

The high elastic polyurethane screen plate has good elasticity, and the screen surface generates a large acceleration, which promotes the sieving speed of viscous materials. The screen surface performs regular expansion and relaxation movement, and in the process of periodic elastic deflection, the shape of the screen hole also changes periodically, which is more conducive to solving the problem of material jamming and improving the processing efficiency of the screen machine.


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