Folding plate wind separator - another powerful tool for light material sorting

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-07-29

With the continuous development of my country's green economy and circular economy, in order to alleviate the pollution of the urban suburban environment, the construction and decoration waste piled up in the suburbs has been turned into treasure, and the recycling of construction and decoration waste has become a more effective way of utilization. In the sorting process of recycled aggregate from construction and decoration waste, the sorting of light and heavy materials is the key technology that affects the quality of recycled aggregate.

Because the mixture of light and heavy materials has large and small particle sizes, light and heavy densities, and different shapes, it is difficult to separate them by conventional sorting methods. Compared with the traditional manual sorting method, the construction and decoration waste recycling wind sorting equipment is not limited by the material characteristics and environment, and has a wide range of applications, and has the advantages of practicability and high efficiency.


The folded plate air separator is a high-efficiency sorting equipment developed by WINNER Co., Ltd. with the introduction of a new generation of air separation technology from Europe. It can effectively sort the light substances in the small-particle recycled aggregate. The folding plate air separator is mainly used to remove the light objects in the materials after crushing and preliminary screening. After crushing and preliminary screening, the particle size of the materials is uniform and convenient for sorting. Bricks, concrete, aggregates and other heavy materials processed by the folding plate wind separator are separated from light objects such as plastics, wood, paper, soil, leaves, etc., which greatly improves the appearance and performance of the finished product.

Equipment advantages:

1. The special folded plate structure can increase the distance of the air separation material, which greatly improves the separation efficiency.

2. The internal special blowing nozzle is set to adjust the air volume and air pressure, and it can be used in a wide range.

3. The cyclone separator in the equipment also has a certain dust removal effect while separating light substances, with less dust.

4. The appearance design is beautiful, the production process is sophisticated, and the sorting efficiency is high.

5. Reasonable structure, simple operation and simple maintenance.

6. The equipment has low operating power, low use cost, energy saving and environmental protection.

For the sorting problem of light substances in small-sized recycled aggregate, the folding plate sorting machine developed by WINNER can effectively help you solve it. If you want to know more, please call WINNER technical consultation hotline +8613373745380 !


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