Ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen for fine material screening

Author: Winner   Time: 2024-03-09

The ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is a derivative of the rotary vibrating screen. It is based on the vibration of the original vibrating screen and adds ultrasonic and frequency conversion devices, which effectively solves the problem of screen blocking during screening. The ultrasonic device uses an ultrasonic power source to convert ultrasonic waves into high-frequency kinetic energy that acts on the surface of the screen through an imported transducer to clean the screen.
The ultrasonic vibration waves (mechanical waves) attached to the screen of the ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen cause the ultra-fine powder to undergo huge ultrasonic acceleration, thereby reducing network blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, leveling, and wedging, and improving screening efficiency and cleaning. network efficiency.
Features of ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen:
1. It is suitable for separating powders with sieves from 20 microns to 300 microns, especially for materials that are difficult to screen.
2. Prevent the clogging of the 50-625 mesh mesh and the impaction of similar particles on the mesh, extending the service life of the valuable screen.
3. Particle separation of static electricity, agglomeration and adsorbed materials becomes simple.
4. The unique application of WXZC ultrasonic screening system eliminates the need to add any other screen cleaning devices.
5. Can clearly separate fine particles with similar diameters.
6. Does not change the characteristics of the material, especially suitable for new materials.
7. Speed ​​up the separation of agglomerates, thereby increasing the screening capacity and reducing the number of large particles.
8. The screening capacity and scope are technologies that other screening machines cannot achieve.
9. The matching of the system will not increase the operating temperature; it can work continuously; it is especially suitable for materials that require temperature rise control, such as drugs and raw materials, thermosetting coatings, etc.
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