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Author: Winner   Time: 2024-02-24

The in-line screen developed by WINNER shares can choose to use double vibration motor or single vibration motor according to the size of the processing capacity, small screen machines generally use a single vibration motor, the processing capacity of the earth screen machine uses double vibration motor, by adjusting the size of the exciting force to change the movement of the material on the screen surface, and then achieve the purpose of screening various materials. The discharge port of the straight-line screen is designed at the bottom of the screen machine, which is conducive to improving the discharge particle size and discharge amount, and is suitable for the rough screening process such as material impurity removal.

How it works:

The direct-row screen uses high-frequency vibration motor as the excitation source. After the material enters the screen, it is subjected to the force of vibration source to do three-dimensional rotating movement on the screen surface, the flour and caking are fully dispersed, the flour passes through the net directly into the lower storage bin, the caking and foreign matter are discharged to the slag outlet, and it plays the role of "quality assurance personnel" on the production line. The in-line screen can be used in the feeding system at the front end of the production line of instant noodles, noodles, small food, solid drinks, etc., to separate foreign bodies in raw materials (flour, starch, milk powder, additives, etc.).

Product features:

1, suitable for screening equipment before checking raw materials and finished product packaging;

2, according to the site demand design single, double excitation source, free control of production capacity;

3, vertical feeding and discharging, series production line, saving manpower;

4, vibration motor external structure, easy maintenance;

5, all stainless steel design, beautiful appearance, durable;

6, small size, does not take up space, easy to move;

7, low energy consumption, high efficiency;

8, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean inside and outside, no sanitary dead corners, in line with food grade and GMP standards.

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