For fine material screening, WITNNER swing screens are here to help you

Author: Winner   Time: 2024-03-16

The uses and characteristics of swing screens series :
swing screens series  is a screening equipment developed to solve the problem of deep screening of wet and sticky materials. Especially for the screening of wet and sticky raw coal less than 10mm, it can better solve the problem of screen blocking. This equipment has screening It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise and economical use. This vibrating screen is suitable for coal (particle size classification), electric power (CFB boiler fine particle screening), metallurgy (particle size classification) and other industries.
Working principle of swing screens series :
swing screens series uses large amplitude, large vibration intensity, lower vibration frequency and self-cleaning screen surface to complete the screening process of wet and sticky materials. Its structure and characteristics are as follows:
1. Segmented screening, the whole screen machine does not vibrate, and the screen mesh vibrates
The swing screens series is different from the traditional vibrating screen. It does not participate in the vibration as a whole. The side panels, top cover, and base of the screen machine are all fixed parts. Only the screen mesh and the exciter assembly participate in the vibration.
2. Closed structure
swing screens series  are used in industrial and mining conditions in coal-fired power plants. They are generally made into a closed structure so that dust cannot leak out, thus responding to environmental protection requirements.
3. Larger amplitude and smaller dynamic load
Since the swing screens series adopts the technological characteristics of the screen body not vibrating but the screen mesh vibrating, the dynamic stress of the screen machine can be reduced, so the amplitude can be greatly increased, but the dynamic load can be greatly reduced.
4. Smaller power
Since the swing screens series  has fewer moving parts and a small vibrating mass, its power can be reduced. Compared with traditional screening machines, the power can be reduced by more than twice.
5. Unique PLC control system
The swing screens series is generally driven by 1-6 motors. The starting time interval of each motor is 6-8 seconds. It starts in the forward direction and stops in the reverse direction to achieve the purpose of starting when the machine is empty. There is no material stored on the screen machine to facilitate observation and maintenance. swing screens series uses PLC to control a series of actions such as start, stop, manual and remote control of the entire equipment.
6. Easy maintenance
The swing screens series has very few components that participate in vibration. Only the screen mesh and the exciter assembly participate in the vibration. Therefore, it is made into modular and standardized components to facilitate quick replacement of the whole and ground maintenance, which greatly shortens online maintenance time. , to gain time for production.
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