The Problem of Fluid Leaking from Slurry Shaking Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-07-24

Slurry shaking screen, also known as dewatering vibrating screen, is a sieving equipment used for solid liquid separation. It is widely used in coal mines, coal yards, petroleum and other industries. Sometimes the equipment has a problem of fluid leaking, according to many years of experience of the engineer of the company of Winner Group,four main reasons are summarized as follows:


slurry shaking screen


The size of the screen mesh is not reasonable. In the early stage of drilling, it is necessary to use a screen with a larger aperture, and with the increase of the drilling depth, gradually adopt a finer aperture.

Check the amplitude of the slurry shaking screen. The larger the vibration amplitude, the larger the amount of disposal is. The vibration force is adjusted to 90% at the factory. If there is a running phenomenon, the angle of the eccentric block can be aligned and the vibration force can be increased to 100%.

Check whether the motor steering is correct,remove the vibrator shield and check whether the eccentric blocks of the two motors are turning outward.

The formation and mud environment affect the amount of treatment. When the equipment encounters a loose sandstone layer or a sand layer, the sand particles are easily caught in the mesh holes, causing the screen to block holes. Therefore, it is necessary to select different screen sizes according to different environments to reduce the hole blocking phenomenon.



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