The Recycling of Construction Waste

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-07-31

In recent years, China's construction waste has become more and more harmful to the environment, and it has had a bad impact on urban environmental sanitation, living and living conditions, and land quality assessment. With the continuous development of the city, a large amount of construction waste is randomly stacked, which not only occupies the land, but also reduces the quality and productivity of the soil. Secondly, during the stacking process, some organic substances will decompose and harmful substances will infiltrate into the groundwater area, resulting in Severe air pollution and water pollution.


construction waste


Construction waste is the city's minerals. After many years of research and development and efforts, Winner Group is guided by resource utilization and classification, relying on mature screening and sorting technology to drive system integration and efficient processing, and realize R&D in the field of construction waste recycling and experimentation, and has been widely used in the customer community. 

All cycles are sorted first. On the road of garbage sorting,Winner Group innovative footsteps never stop. In the future, Winner Group will further increase its innovation and research and development, and Beijing-Tianjin waste sorting technology will continue to introduce more environmentally-friendly and efficient waste sorting solutions. Strive to be the world leader in the field of garbage sorting.



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