Multi-frequency sieve-L, realizes multi-classification and environmental protection sieving

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-06-17

Multi-frequency screen-L is a new type of screening equipment developed by 

WINNER in order to meet the requirements of aggregate production line with multiple grades of particle size classification and strict environmental protection requirements.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

The equipment uses two motors to drive the exciter as the source of excitation. The two motors run in reverse to achieve self-synchronization. When the material enters the screen surface, it forms the vibrational mass with the screen box, and forms the entire vibration under the support of the damping spring system. The two sets of vibration exciters are connected by cardan shafts, which are driven by the eccentric block to rotate synchronously in different directions. The centrifugal force sometimes superimposes and sometimes offsets the periodic alternating state, so that the entire vibration system is reciprocating along a linear trajectory.

Product advantages:

1. Environmental protection and dust removal. It adopts a fully enclosed structure to prevent dust from leaking when the equipment is running, and there is a dust removal port on the upper part of the box, which can effectively carry out dust removal operations.

2. The combination of multi-layer screens realizes the classification of aggregate products with multiple granularities.

3. Large processing capacity, grading and screening.

4. Double-feeding compound screening, double the screen area and output through the material splitting, one device replaces multiple devices.

5. The entire screen surface is divided into front and rear ends, with slightly different inclination angles at the front and rear ends, and the screen surface has a curvature, so that the movement state of the material can be changed all the time, which is beneficial to improve the screening efficiency.

6. Easy to replace the sieve plate. The sieve plate adopts the front and rear tensioning form, and only needs to be drawn when the sieve plate is replaced, so as to realize the convenient replacement of the sieve plate.

Speak with data

Significant space saving:

2WYK-2460 (traditional screening equipment)

Occupied space: 6.3mX4.6mX4.3m=125m³

5WFPS-L-2565 (Wittmann Multi-frequency Screen-L)

Occupied space: 7.9mX3.2mX3.7m=94m³

There are many classification grades. The classification details of 400t/h sand and gravel aggregate are as follows:

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