A good helper for domestic waste sorting-double shaft shear shredder

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-06-10

A good helper for domestic waste sorting-double shaft shear shredder

The WQBX-100 dual-shaft shear shredder developed by WINNER adopts dual-axis independent drive to shred wood, textiles, plastics, paper, etc. in domestic garbage into smaller particle sizes, which is convenient for the subsequent disposal of garbage. During the use of the shredder, the blade speed is low, safe and harmless, low noise, low energy consumption, and strong practicability.

waste sorting-double shaft shear shredder

Structural features

1. The side plate connection of the box body adopts the form of bolt connection, which is convenient for tool replacement and maintenance;

2. The main shaft adopts high-quality alloy quenched and tempered steel 40Cr. The movable knife adopts high-quality cutting tool steel, adopts a new type of structure, and has undergone many heat treatments and finishing processes to ensure cutting performance and a long service life, reducing the number of tool changes. The material is squeezed and sheared in the form of biaxial rotation;

3. The fixed knife is made of 45 steel, and the design with inclined angle and concave surface is adopted to make the material have a better cutting effect.

WINNER's dual-shaft shear shredder is a good helper for household waste sorting. Please call for details/Whatsapp: +86 13373745380.


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