Two-way multi-frequency screen WFPS-Z, your ideal choice

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-06-26

WINNER keeps innovating in the series of double frequency screens. The two-way double frequency screen WFPS-Z launched by the company is widely used in sintering, blast furnace tank, coking, raw material plants, etc. in the metallurgical industry, solvent screening systems in iron and steel enterprises, and desulfurization of thermal power System, screening system of coal washing plant, aggregate system of construction industry, etc.


The two-way multi-frequency screen WFPS-Z changes the traditional one-way screening concept of the sieve. It adopts the two-way screening concept. The two screening channels screen materials at the same time, with a single inlet and two-way discharge. The screening concept is advanced and the overall structure is More compact, higher space utilization rate. The two-way multiple frequency screen WFPS-Z changes the structure of the traditional screen surface and the screen box that vibrate together. It adopts an independent screen surface vibration movement mode. The screen box and frame do not participate in vibration, making the overall static seal and more environmentally friendly.


Technical advantages:


1. Environmental protection: The entire screening operation is carried out in a fully sealed state with the screen body stationary and the screen core vibration mode, and can be sucked through the special dust removal port on the screen box to make the whole system work under negative pressure. Solve the dust problem in the screening process.


2. Linear vibration type, triangular design structure: adopts linear vibration track and two-way screening concept, so that the material is screened in two screening channels at the same time, the single machine has a larger processing capacity and a higher screening efficiency. The unique triangular design makes the screen lighter and more stable.


3. Smaller space location, greater processing capacity: The two-way multiple frequency screen WFPS-Z adopts a vertical three-dimensional layout, and has a compact structure. Under the same working conditions, especially for blast furnaces of more than 2000 cubic meters and sintering of more than 200 square meters, the space is limited Reasonable layout of the situation. It is an ideal product to replace large-scale environmental protection screens and vertical (combined) vibrating screens.


4. Low spare parts consumption: The two-way multiple frequency screen WFPS-Z vibration exciter adopts a unique long-distance distribution and maintenance-free system. The temperature of the vibration exciter can be controlled within 65 degrees. The service life of the bearing is more than three times that of the traditional screen machine. The lubricating oil required is only one-tenth of the traditional screen. At the same time, the WFPS-Z two-way multiple frequency screen has no loss of screen body except for the replacement of the screen plate, and the service life is extended.


5. Low noise: The screening operation is carried out in a fully sealed state, and the operating noise of the equipment is greatly reduced.


6. Small dynamic load on the foundation and long service life of the screen: the equipment is in a static sealed state during operation, and the vibration mode of the screen box and frame does not participate in the vibration. The screen has a long service life and reduces the dynamic load on the foundation.


7. Convenient installation and maintenance, reducing installation and maintenance costs: two independent screen surfaces vibrate at the same time, and the screen and frame are modularized. The whole machine is driven by the LDA drive device, which can walk freely on the guide rails, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and greatly reduces the installation and maintenance costs.


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