Wet &Sticky Material Screen - Double-Layer Composite Frequency Screen-C

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-12-26

Winner double-layer composite frequency screen-c is a special dry screening equipment for bulk and wet viscous fine materials (such as raw coal, mineral materials, lignite, bauxite, coke, etc.). In the production process, the double-layer complex frequency screen-c is not easy to block the mesh, and can achieve high screening efficiency with relatively small screen area. It is widely used in coal, chemical industry, mining, electric power, coke, metallurgical building materials and other fields.

The double-layer composite frequency screen-c uses two exciters to provide exciting force for the screen, which makes the screen body produce linear motion mode. The upper screen is made of string woven screen, which is light in structure, not blocked or jammed, with high opening rate and good screening effect. The lower screen surface adopts high elastic polyurethane screen, which is installed on the fixed beam and floating frame. Due to the relative movement of the screen body crossbeam and floating frame, the screen mesh is tightened and relaxed, resulting in breathing phenomenon in the screen hole. The screen surface forms a high acceleration, which forces the wet sticky materials to divide layers quickly and have high permeability.

Advantages and features of double deck complex frequency screen-c:

1.Because the relaxation motion of the screen surface can transfer the acceleration of 50g to the material, the wet&sticky material can not be blocked. At the same time, the upper and lower layers adopt the screen technology with higher opening rate, so that the incoming materials can be quickly screened after entering the sieve machine, and the screening efficiency is higher.

2.Double deck screen design. The upper metal screen is resistant to impact, and the bulk material is stripped first, which can protect the lower polyurethane screen surface and prolong the service life of the lower layer.

3.The amplitude of fixed crossbeam and floating frame can be adjusted according to the change of moisture and particle size.

4.The linear motion box type vibration exciter has stable and reliable performance and simple maintenance.

5.The two sides of the sieve plate are fully sealed, and the side plate is free of abrasion, which effectively prevents the large pieces of material on the screen from falling into the screen and running coarse.

6.The polyurethane screen is fixed with wedge rubber strip, which does not need to be fixed by bolts, so it is convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble.


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