Domestic waste sorting and treatment production line

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-12-19

Through years of investment and R &D, aiming at the problem of municipal waste, Winner has launched domestic waste separation treatment equipment and production line, which has successfully solved some problems in urban waste treatment. While meeting the environmental protection requirements, it has realized garbage "harmless", "reduction" and "resource" through recycling, transformation and reuse.

Screening and sorting is the first step in the follow-up treatment of domestic waste. In order to make good use of the useful components in the garbage, it is necessary to well separate the organic matter, combustible material, metal and plastic in the garbage. According to the characteristics and practical experience of each component of garbage, Winner has launched a domestic waste sorting and treatment production line. The process flow is as follows:

1. After entering the plant, the garbage is first unloaded on the loading and unloading platform, and then transported to the plate conveyor by the loader, and then the garbage is transported to the manual sorting platform by the belt conveyor, where the sorting workers pick up the large objects and hazardous wastes in the garbage.

2. After manual sorting, the garbage enters into the bag breaking machine, and the bag broken can tear the bagged garbage in the garbage for subsequent treatment.

3. The waste after bag breaking is sent to drum screen by belt conveyor for treatment, and organic matter is selected by hanging magnetic separator to select iron material.

4. After magnetic separation, the iron materials in the materials on the drum screen can be selected, and then sent to the comprehensive air separator for air separation treatment. The comprehensive air separator can separate heavy materials such as bricks and stones, rubber, plastic, film paper and other combustible materials.

5. According to the needs of customers, with appropriate manual separation, flotation, water washing, color separation and vortex separation, the separation of different substances in garbage can be realized.

The domestic waste sorting system equipment of the project can separate various garbage materials according to the characteristics of garbage materials, which can make the sorted garbage materials have high cleanliness and less impurities, realize the "three modernizations" principle of harmless, reduction and resource utilization of garbage treatment, and make the domestic waste separation fully solved and utilized. On the premise of ensuring the social and environmental benefits of the project, we should seek the recycling of resources to achieve the coordination and unity of social and economic sustainable development and environmental protection.


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