Winner Group Sand Macking Building

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-12-04

Winner Group Sand Macking Building

Sand making building is a new type of dry process production process and a complete set of machine-made sand production equipment with floor station layout developed by Weimeng Co., Ltd., with compact structure and small floor area. It is mainly composed of feeding, sorting, sand making, finished product discharging, dust removal, fine powder collection and storage and automatic control. Sand making system is the core part of the whole production system, in which raw materials are crushed or shaped, sieved and air selected, particle gradation adjusted and humidity controlled to finished products.

If the crushing equipment of our company is used, the effect will be better. The main station building can be packaged according to the customer's requirements, so that the production is not affected by the weather and the external environment, and the whole day operation can also achieve the good effect of dust prevention and dryness reduction.

Performance characteristics of sand making building

1.Double chamber vertical shaft impact crushing technology with high yield and controllable particle size. The new double chamber rotor structure can increase the particle size distribution between 0.15-0.6 mm, increase the sand forming rate to more than 56%, significantly improve the particle shape, and the solid volume ratio can reach more than 59%.

2. Environmental screening technology. With low amplitude and high frequency, the screening efficiency is greatly improved; the screening and air separation technology are combined; the segmented screening technology, with the screen screen vibrating, and the overall static state of the screen machine, has good sealing performance and no dust leakage, which is more in line with the requirements of environmental protection; the fine powder content is easy to be adjusted in the air separation operation.

3. On line real-time control technology of fineness modulus of eddy current air separation. Through the vortex air separator, the fineness modulus of the finished sand can be adjusted in real time; the air separation technology is fully utilized; the guide air valve is adjusted arbitrarily to optimize the vortex wind speed. The content of fine particles between 0.15-0.3-0.6 mm in the finished sand can be adjusted in real time to achieve a more reasonable grading; the end of vortex air separation is centralized dust collection, which is more suitable for the sand making process requirements of tailings treatment.

4. Highly integrated intelligent control technology. The combination of operation and control mode ensures continuous on-line real-time control of finished sand gradation and fineness modulus; high-performance intelligent touch operation interface brings users dynamic intuitive and quick response operation experience; online real-time monitoring in all directions, and equipment production status can be mastered at any time; advanced cloud technology provides remote online diagnosis and maintenance for equipment, The intelligent fault management can realize the automatic warning of fault, accurate prompt of fault point, intelligent guidance of troubleshooting, automatic shutdown of major faults, etc.


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