WMII sealed belt conveyor

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-11-20

Winner WMII sealed belt conveyor is based on the general-purpose belt conveyor, combined with the company's development strategy needs, and improved to meet the requirements of industrial environmental protection construction. Its working principle is similar to that of a traditional belt conveyor. It relies on friction to drive the endless conveyor belt around the warp roller to rotate to achieve the purpose of material transportation.

The main difference between WMII sealed belt conveyor and traditional conveyor is: in the conveyor receiving section, conveying section to unloading section, the use of double-sided fully sealed, so that the material is transported in a relatively sealed space, and then The auxiliary dust suppression equipment greatly reduces the dust in the production area and provides a comfortable production environment for front-line workers.

Structural features

1. The equipment mainly adopts the combined drive form of geared motor + drive roller. This form of drive combination has reliable working performance, high safety factor, and later maintenance and replacement is more convenient.

2. This equipment adopts modular design, short design and production cycle; modular delivery, high versatility and interchangeability, to achieve rapid assembly on the installation site and shorten the installation cycle of the production line.

3. The frame combination adopts steel plate bending beams, which is stable in structure and beautiful in appearance, which is better than the appearance of traditional profile frame.

4. The head assembly is equipped with a flap device that adjusts the material flow trajectory to adjust the misalignment of the material caused by the installation deviation, and avoid the deviation and scattering of the downstream conveyor caused by the misalignment of the material.

5. The maintenance walkway combination is divided into the left unilateral maintenance walkway combination, the right unilateral maintenance walkway combination, and the double-sided unilateral maintenance walkway combination. When the maintenance walkway combination is not arranged, the ash receiving tank combination shall be set according to the situation to avoid the risk of high-altitude materials falling through the walking area of the production workshop equipment.

WMII sealed belt conveyor


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