Pre separation equipment for collaborative disposal of domestic waste in cement kiln

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-01-09

The collaborative treatment of domestic waste in cement kiln can also be called "cement environmental protection integration". The principle is: the hazardous waste from the incineration of garbage power plant fly ash and waste residue should be safely buried or sent to the cement plant for thorough destruction, and the direct use of cement kiln can directly treat domestic waste and waste while producing cement.

Advantages of cement kiln collaborative disposal process.


1、 There are many kinds of wastes that can be sold in cement industry, and they are widely used.

2、 According to the performance and characteristics, different wastes can be used as admixture, alternative raw material or alternative fuel in cement industry to make the best use of the materials.

3、 The consumption and production scale of cement are very large, and the capacity of cement kiln is high. Therefore, the cement industry has a huge consumption of various wastes and considerable development potential.

4、 The cement kiln has a strong adaptability to various combustible wastes. If it is slightly adjusted, it will not affect the normal performance and quality of cement clinker, nor the normal operation of the kiln.

5、 The temperature in cement kiln is high (1600 ℃), the heat capacity and thermal inertia are large, the residence time of waste in high temperature area is long (5 ~ 15 seconds), and the harmful components can be completely decomposed to ensure environmental safety.

6、 After the waste is burned in the cement kiln, the harmful substances such as sulfur, chlorine or some heavy metals are all fused in the crystal lattice of the cement clinker, which can no longer escape or precipitate, and there is no hidden danger of secondary pollution.

Winner Group has many years of experience in the separation and application of domestic waste. The domestic waste treatment system is suitable for the pre separation and treatment of cement kiln collaborative disposal. Compared with the traditional process equipment, the system equipment greatly saves investment, has high separation efficiency, and achieves the maximum utilization of resources. Welcome to consult.


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