Application of Vibro Screen Machine in Cobalt Powder Industry

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Cobalt tetroxide (cobalt powder) is a kind of gray superfine powder particles, which is characterized by dissolving acidity, magnetic, easy agglomeration, strong adsorption, high precision and high stability. The particles need special vibro screen machine for screening, this equipment is developed independently by our company which based on years of fine screening experience. It has the following characteristics:


vibro screen machine


1. The screening machine vibrates with high frequency and high amplitude, so it has obvious function of cleaning the screen.


2. Solve the electrostatic adhesion on the sieve mesh, the agglomeration of the powder and the blocking problem caused by the particles on the surface of the coarse mesh, thus greatly improving the screening efficiency.


3. Improve the fineness and grade of cobalt powder.


4. For materials with higher accuracy requirements, the screening is done once, it effectively improve the qualified rate and production efficiency of equipment.


5. Reduce powder pollution and noise.


6. It can be used in single and multi-layer, a set of intelligent ultrasonic generator can also use three transducers. The self-cleaning function is relatively strong, about 500 mesh fine material screening can achieve no mesh blockage, high-precision screening, high efficiency screening effect.


The principle of ultrasonic vibro screen machine used in cobalt powder: 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz power into 18KHz high-frequency power, through the ultrasonic power input ultrasonic clear network transducer, forming 18KHz device vibration, and then the vibration force is transmitted to the pre-adjusted rod resonator, evenly transmitted to the screen surface, so that ultra-fine powder to accept a huge ultrasonic acceleration.


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