The Impact of Construction & Demolition Waste on Air Quality

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

With the continuous development of urbanization, a large number of construction and demolition waste piled up at random, which not only takes up land, pollute the environment, but affect air quality directly or indirectly.


C&D waste


At present, we mostly use landfill method to treat the C&D waste. However, during the process of dumping, some organic matter will decompose and generate harmful gas under the combined action of temperature and moisture.


For example, the sulfate radical of waste gypsum will transform into hydrogen sulfide that has rotten egg smell. The waste paperboard and waste wood will dissolve out lignin and tannin in the anaerobic condition, which will decompose and generate volatile organic acid. This kind of harmful gas will pollute the air after emission. The bacteria and dust in the C&D waste will also cause air pollution due to wind. The inflammable goods in the waste will even cause secondary pollution during incineration and production of toxic cancerogenic substance.


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