The Application of Vibrating Screen in Coal Industry

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

The vibrating screen is an irreplaceable equipment which plays a very important role in coal industry. The basic production process of coal is: coal mining - crushing - screening (using mining vibrating screen) - coal washing. In the process of coal production, according to the different size,the vibrating screen is used for screening coal, namely grading and dewatering.


material classification


The vibrating screen does the material screening mainly through the vibration of sieve plate. Usually, after the screening through a sieve plate, two kinds of materials can be obtained. The material left on the sieve plate is called the oversize, and the material getting through the sieve plate is called the undersize. When screening on sieve plates with several different mesh sizes, materials of different sizes can be obtained, which commonly refers to material classification. After classification, the number of obtained material types is always more than the number of layers in the sieve plate.


material classification


The process of recycling coal sludge in a coal preparation plant often refers to dewatering. The vibrating screen used in this process is known as dewatering screen. The coal sludge which has been dewatered can be reused, so it greatly increases the output of fine coal. This not only saves coal resources and beneficial to environmental protection, but also improves economic benefit of customers.


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