Winner flip-flop screen focuses on the screening of wet sticky materials

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-05-20

The flip-flop screen produced by Winner is a special screening equipment for screening small particles and wet sticky materials (such as: screening of wet sticky fine-grained raw materials such as raw coal, lignite, slime, bauxite, coke, etc.) , Widely used in coal, coal chemical industry, electric power, coke, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. Especially when the processing materials are easy to block the screen, the flip-flop screen can achieve a high screening efficiency with a relatively small screen area to ensure that the screen does not block the holes.


flip-flop screen

Structural features:
(1) The high-frequency relaxation motion of the screen surface can transmit 50g of acceleration to the material, solve the screening of sticky and wet materials, and ensure that the screen holes are not blocked;
(2) The high-reliability eccentric flywheel exciter has a large carrying capacity and a long service life;
(3) The high-performance imported polyurethane relaxation screen has good wear resistance and excellent physical properties, and has a long service life and a good screening effect;
(4) Strong adaptability to coal quality fluctuations and low operating costs;
(5) The high-performance imported connecting spring has good nonlinear characteristics, ensuring the horizontal vibration of the floating screen frame, and the floating amplitude can be adjusted reasonably according to the process requiremen



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