Advantages of Winner Dewatering Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-05-29

The Winner dewatering vibrating screen consists of a pair of vibrating motors with the same performance and parameters as the exciters. When the two vibrating motors run in reverse at the same angular speed, the inertial force generated by the eccentric block is repeatedly superimposed or canceled at a specific phase. Thereby It generates a huge exciting force, driving the screen box to make periodic reciprocating motion along a straight track, so that the incoming material on the screen gradually jumps from the feed end to the discharge end, and the part smaller than the screen hole fall through the scree, and the rest is discharged from the discharge end, so as to achieve the purpose of dewatering.


Dewatering Vibrating Screen

The advantages of the vibrating dewatering screen in the sand and gravel production line:

1. The polyurethane screen panel used for the dewatering screen has a longer life than other types of screen panel and will not block the holes.
2. Effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, which can be controlled between 5% -10%.
3. It can designed for different solutions according to different requirements of customers.
4. It Reduces the stacking time of fine materials, which can be directly transferred to the market.
5. Fine sand is fully recovered, reducing the workload of the sedimentation tank and reducing the cleaning cost of the sedimentation tank.


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