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Author: Winner   Time: 2021-05-19

Garbage classification is not a temporary trip, but a meritorious one. In order to solve the problem of domestic garbage disposal well, it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive treatment mode of sorting + incineration + composting + landfill, and it is necessary to establish a domestic garbage comprehensive treatment plant to recover, transform and reuse while meeting environmental protection requirements. Ways to achieve garbage "harmless", "reduction" and "resources".

Winner Group has mature technology in garbage sorting and has many successful application cases. Garbage sorting technology is a front-end technology for waste disposal. It is an indispensable procedure for the reuse of resources and the subsequent processing chain of waste disposal.

Winner Group is committed to the technical research in the field of construction waste recycling, domestic waste sorting, sewage sludge treatment, waste lithium battery treatment, soil remediation, and the core competitiveness of screening and sorting technology. The eight characters of intelligent, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection are the core, providing complete technical solutions and complete sets of equipment for various solid waste treatment and recycling projects under the circular economy. The domestic garbage treatment system developed by the company adopts advanced physical sorting technology, which can make the sorted garbage materials have high cleanliness and less impurities, and the sorted garbage can be fully utilized, reducing the amount of garbage turnover. Successfully applied in many provinces and cities.



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