Dual frequency screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-05-12

In the screening equipment, in order to facilitate daily maintenance and shock absorption for the ground, Henan Winner Vibration Co., Ltd. has developed a number of Lego screening machines, which belong to the company's independently developed patented products, in the industry. Developed a precedent for component packaging.

For easy identification, such product names and images are posted below:

Dual frequency screen


1.The advanced sieve concept, unique sieve structure.

2.Super environmental protection.

3.Super energy-saving.

4.Ultra-high screening efficiency, large processing capacity.

5.Super easy to maintain.

6.Reduce construction costs.

7.The Smaller spare parts consumption.

8.The better complete combination.

High Amplitude Vibrating Screen


1.High amplitude vibrating screen used in coal-fired power plants, are generally made of closed structure, so that dust cannot be leaked, to respond to environmental requirements.

2.High amplitude vibrating screen with the sieve body without vibration and sieve plate vibration process characteristics, with higher amplitude, lower dynamic load advantages.

3.High amplitude vibrating screen with fewer moving parts, vibration quality is small, so its power can be reduced to a minimum. Compared with the traditional screen machine, can reduce the power more than doubled.

4.High amplitude vibrating screen is generally used 1-6 sets of motor drive, each motor starting time interval of 6-8 seconds. Sieve machine without material more conducive to observation and maintenance.

5.High amplitude vibrating screen with modular, standardized components, so that the overall rapid replacement, greatly reducing on-line maintenance time.

6.Exciter end and the connection parts are equipped with protective devices, safe operation.

7.Better to solve the problem of screen plugging, high screening efficiency.


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