The solution to the bad effect of dewatering screen in coal washing plant

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-08-22

1.If it is a new equipment, it should check whether the feeding material is evenly distributed.If the feeding material is too much, it will exceed the treatment capacity of the dewatering screen.Some materials on the sieve plate are too thin, which will affect the dewatering effect of the dewatering screen.

2.Check whether the feeding concentration is qualified, test the concentration of slime water after classifying by cyclone. Generally, after classifying and concentrating by cyclone, the feeding concentration will be greatly improved and the feeding is stable, which can guarantee the dewatering effect of dewatering screen.


dewatering screen


3.If it is an old system, check whether the upstream equipment of the dewatering screen is aging,and the handling capacity is insufficient, which will affect the dewatering effect.

4.Regularly clean the sieve plate to check whether there is a mesh hole blocking phenomenon in the sieve plate (the sieve holes of the dewatering sieve are generally 0.35mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, the opening hole is relatively small, easy to block the hole) or whether the sieve plate is seriously worn.

5.Check if the dewatering screen is small and the processing capacity is insufficient.

6.Tighten the sieve plate bolts regularly to check if the bolts are loose.



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