Separation of nonferrous metals in municipal solid waste management

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-08-29

The solid waste produced in municipal solid waste is complicated and varied, and has pollution. It mainly includes organic matter, waste paper, plastic, iron products, nonferrous metals, wood, ceramics and so on. China produces more than 200 million tons of solid waste each year. Although the proportion of non-ferrous metals in solid waste is small, the overall volume is large. In order to better realize the utilization of resources, Winner Group provides professional equipment to sort non-ferrous metals.


municipal solid waste management


The non-ferrous metal sorting machine can be sorted very quickly to avoid the waste of non-ferrous metals, and the automation work saves time and effort. The sorting function of non-ferrous metals can effectively separate non-metallic materials from non-ferrous metals, effectively recover metals, and increase the added value effectively. Non ferrous metal sorting machine is widely used in municipal solid waste management non-ferrous metal recycling, and environmental protection industry materials processing sorting and so on.

Non-ferrous metal sorting machine is also called eddy current separator, by the sorting machine and control cabinet composed of two parts. The sorting assembly is the core part of the equipment, which consists of permanent magnet drum, material conveying system (including material conveyor belt, conveyor belt roller and geared motor). Mainly used for municipal solid waste management of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals sorting, to achieve separation with other non-metallic substances.



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