The Working Principle of Banana Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-01-11

In generally, banana screen working principle is similar to the traditional single-layer linear vibrating screen, using the multi-angle placed sieve plate, the dip angle of the feeding inlet is 34°,and then divided in to five sections, finally the sieve tilt angle is about 10° at the discharge end.


banana screen


Due to the structural characteristics of the vibrating banana screen, it takes a large angle at the feeding end, and the steep slope leads to the high speed of coal transportation. Compared with the traditional linear vibrating screen, it improve the screening efficiency and reduce the time of delamination. Due to the rapid passage of the larger materials, the coal particles smaller than the screening grade can be more close to the sieve and easy to pass the sieve for achieving the purpose of the screening in the grading surface. The larger particle coal will slowly transport to the plane sieve, the size is similar to the sieve pore, it can be random vibration to achieve screening due to the slow speed. This screening feature can ensure the rapid stratification of materials, and improve the efficiency of stratification, especially suit the small size coal screening. In addition, the handling capacity can be improved several times compared to the traditional screen machine.


The vibration banana screen sieve plate usually use the polymeric materials-poly or the metal net material. But the main difference is the setting of the screen plate, banana screen sieve plate use the design of movable sieve slot, it can highly improve the efficiency of the material trough the screen. As the slope of the banana sieve plate changes, the slot size also changes, it become to smallest at the discharge end, and the plane sieve pore has a high screening efficiency for the coal particles which are smaller than the diameter of the sieve pore.


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