The Difference Between Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve and Rotary Sieve Machine

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-01-06

Ultrasonic vibrating sieve and rotary sieve machine appearance is same, but the screening effect is not same, someone often confused which equipment should be used, how to determine the boundaries of these two devices, the following is our summary of these two devices specific structure differences:


rotary sieve machine


The composition of ultrasonic vibrating sieve: roof, small beam ring, ultrasonic grid, ultrasonic transducer, sieve, frame, the big beam ring, bottom grid, vibration plate, drive motor, damping spring, bottom tube, ultrasonic control box and other major parts. Mainly screening dry powder materials of 200 - 600 mesh. The ultrasonic grid is a high-frequency ultrasonic pulse cleaning sieve, which replace the simple automatic cleaning device of rotary vibration sieve. The screening efficiency is high and not blocking sieve mesh, it is the better separation equipment for fine powder screening industry.


The composition of standard rotary sieve machine: roof, small beam ring, grid, sealing, punching plate, the box, the big beam ring, bottom grid, vibration plate, drive motor, damping spring, bottom barrel and other major accessories. Mainly screening and filtering less 200 mesh dry powder or within 600 meshes slurry. The screening efficiency is high and power consumption is small, it do not take up too much space, low noise, easy maintenance, so it is widely loved by the user. Its layout style is also more flexible.


Thus, the selection of equipment is based on the size of material, customers can make type selection according to their fineness of materials.


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