The Importance of Screening and Sorting

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-04-13

Screening and sorting is an important part in mineral processing engineering, which is widely used in coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other departments. In the coal preparation industry, the coal is subjected to particle size classification, dewatering, desliming, etc. The technical level in screening process and the performance of screening equipment are directly related to the quality of process and the level of production efficiency.


screening and sorting


Screening and sorting is an indispensable condition in many sectors. Different users have different requirements on coal particle size, especially in chemical industry and power generation departments, which have strict requirements on coal product particle size. If the specified limit is exceeded, it will not only directly affect the normal production of these departments, but also cause considerable waste. 

For example, in the coal gasification production, if the lump coal with excessive pulverized coal content is used, it not only affects the smooth flow of the gas in the furnace, reduces the gas production volume, but also leads to gasifier filling; In large thermal power plants, most of them use pulverized coal boilers. It is obviously uneconomical to supply raw coal and lump coal. 

In a word, it is necessary for rational utilization of coal resources to screen raw coal into products of various particle sizes and then supplied to various users.


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