How To Choose Suitable Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-04-18

1. First of all, we must determine whether the materials we are screening are roughly sieved or finely sieved; if it is roughly sieved, we can choose equipment such as linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen, which has large output and high efficiency; if it is fine screening, you can choose equipment such as rotary vibrating screen or ultrasonic vibrating screen.

2. Material characteristics that affect screening efficiency include volume density, packing angle, particle shape, adhesion, hygroscopicity, particle surface moisture, temperature, particle size distribution, etc.

3. The selection of sieve hole must take into account factors such as the capacity of sieve, the opening rate of sieve mesh, the service life and blockage of sieve mesh.


circular vibrating screen


4. Screening material has special characteristics, such as high temperature, corrosive, high static electricity and so on. High temperature or corrosive can choose better material of vibrating screen, such as 316L. Ultrasound vibrating screen can effectively screen materials with high static electricity and high fineness.

5. Requirements for equipment output; do not require too much processing capacity for a single screening device, overload operation of screening equipment will reduce service life.

6. Whether the site is restricted; Choose which type of vibrating screening equipment is required according to site.


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